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An awesome time had by all at the Gallery!

Thursday’s event was a resounding success…..members of our local community as well as many people from other areas of New England and even Milwaukee came out to enjoy our ARTISTS SHOW!!!! Music by King Courteen was wonderful, they flew in around 2pm and after exploring the town of Putnam….took the stage and entertained the crowd.
Palo Coleman demonstrated the Japanese Art of bamboo joinery and imparted so many facts about the extremely versatile bamboo that is currently becoming one of the big players in the building arenas. His skills were made even more impressive as he was only able to really utilize one hand, due to an injury that has caused him to have a cast!! He was joined by his lovely assistant DEEK Derek Diedricksen….who was a major organizer of the event.
DEEK Derek Diedricksen was the one degree of separation that gathered the ARTISTS who gathered to have a MEET & GREET with the public. DEEK and Laura were interviewed by the incredibly sweet and ART savvy Mary Oliver from Windham Arts Council last week for their Fun, Festivals & Flair show on WILI.

Local ARTIST Jonathan Fritz was painting a new creation in front of his wall at the Gallery, answering the questions of the people gathered. Jonathan is known for his acrylic designs and murals, many found in NYC.
The crowd was entertained and inspired by the documentary shown, REUSE, because you can’t recycle the planet. Directed by Alex Eaves. The powerful film addresses the waste of resources and how recycling is not the only answer for our issues within the world!
Those who attended were treated to delicious gluten and dairy free fare from Two Little Buns by Jessica Sullivan. From pizza to crackers….all were delightful and healthy! Visit their website:
Local Artists who also attended the event included: Red’s Whimsy
Heather Wiik of
Steve Veilleux
WINY owners Karen and Gary Osbrey documented the event….and showed their love of the ARTS and PUTNAM, many thanks to them for the support! !!!
Please like and SHARE this post….and get people talking about and visiting our Gallery & Market!!!!! Thank you for the support!!!!!

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New at the Market & Gallery

We have so many new Artists who have joined the Gallery and Market here are a few pictures to share their wares with you….



Knit hats from Olde School Knits to keep you warm in the Winter!

Jewelry by Red’s Whimsy, who is from Putnam and is currently in NYC!



free and low cost supplies available!



Our new upside down Valentine’s Tree…. beautiful jewelry by Elodie, Tea for 3, Taimi Moriarty , art by Clara Costabile, Heather Wiik and Rena Masson, hand knit gifts by Olde School Knits and so much more….


Art by Charlie of Popcycle Design,  Plus Five, Lamps by Dave Carter, Crochet by Christina Steen, Jewelry by Red’s Whimsy, bracelets by Annie Adams, knits by Olde School Knits….



Zentangle Decorative Artistry Studio (from Foster,RI), cards by Red’s Whimsy and Elodie, soap by Nani’s Creations….


Another view of the stage….. art by: Amy Freeman, Hear Wiik, Clara Costabile, Christina Steen; Jewelry by Tea for 3, Elodie, Taimi Moriarty;knit goods by Olde School Knits;  chair by Yurt Girl



Wall art by Jonathan FRITZ; table art by Rena Masson; lathe woodworking by Paul Swiake….


Soap by Sparrow Soaps; knit goods by Olde School Knits and Elodie…



Wall by Abigail Robichaud, local artist and Woodstock Academy graduate who is attending Art School in Boston.



Puppets by Roving Poppets; FRITZ N’ DALE (head in armoire) by Jonathan Fritz





Visit the Gallery and Market … most days 10 to 6.

Class Schedule for December

Tuesdays & Thuesdays  Drop – In Craft class….open studio & guided craft

5pm to 6:30pm

$5.00 per person for the 90 minute studio time


*if there are no Artists in attendance within 15 minutes of the beginning of the class/studio time…the class will be considered canceled.  Please contact Laura if you are going to be more than a few minutes late so that she can be prepared.

860 753 0011

Christina Steen

Local Fiber Artist (as well as other Mediums ) has brought her ART to the Market and Gallery.

Look at the beautiful things she can do with a hook and some yarn!!!
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Come see her Handmade goods at the Market!!!!


Awesome things happen when social media connects the community!

Yesterday I (Laura) was on Facebook and a post came up from the local food pantry. They had a great story about a local girl who was selling her ART to raise money for the local homeless members of the community.   There was an adorable picture with the post showing the girl, Hailey, with the table full of donations she had been able to purchase with the monies raised by selling her ART to family and friends and the people who happened upon her stand.   It was such a heartwarming post…I was sure that we could find a way to help her access a wider audience for her charitable works in the community.  I posted a quick invite to bring her ART to the Gallery and immediately there was a reply from her Mom. They were happy to have the invite…and we set up a visit for the next day.


This is Hailey. Her mom wrote to us here on Facebook recently.She said, “Hi. My 9-year-old daughter is trying to sell…

Posted by Daily Bread on Sunday, November 29, 2015


This afternoon Hailey and her Mom came to visit the gallery. It was a wonderful time…..the look of pride on Hailey’s face was awesome to witness while she hung up her ART on the wires at in the Young Artist Gallery…and off she went to check out the rest of the space.   She made three new pieces of ART that she asked to be shown at the Gallery, they are available to purchase right now….(pictures to come soon) …and within minutes of her ART being hung…..the two beautiful pieces she brought were purchased……more funds for the great cause she has chosen to support.   There will be a donation jar available at the Gallery soon…..and Hailey and her Mom are excited to come back and visit….they even spoke of maybe coming back this  week!!!!



November at the Gallery & Market

New things are coming in daily…..the holidays are fast approaching and we are gathering all that we can to make sure that you are able to shop for those special people you love.  New jewelry, knits, ART and more…


The macabre show will be changing soon…..come in before it is escapes into the ether…..

Red’s Whimsy cards, magnets and more. A young Artist in Putnam has brought her friendship bracelets to the Market….get one for you and one for your friend!


Elodie has been busy making treasures…

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Warm and wooly mitts and hats…..with rainbows to warm your heart!!


FUn, Festivals and Flair WILI interview


Laura traveled to Willimantic Wednesday ( with her fiber friend Christina who came along for moral support and crocheted through the interview:)  to be on WILI’s AM station for an interview on the Fun, Festivals and Flair report!!!!

Listen in and see what Artisan Soul Gallery has to offer and how wonderful the Windham Arts has been to help promote the Gallery and get the word out!!!