About our Family and how the Gallery and Market came to be:

This is a dream come true for our family…..we have been entertaining as the Amazing Taylors for the Putnam First Fridays and other venues for almost two years. Our family has ventured into the entertainment realm, exploring puppeting, skits and dance. We are a close knit family Laura: Fiber Artist, performance Artist, all around time and stuff manager; Brian :welding and mixed media on the larger scale Artist, loves to create, manufacture and find a way to make it all work; Rory: Loves to draw, skateboard and maintain and repair bikes, puppeteer; Ellie: fiber artist, jewelry artist, creates Art everywhere, puppeteer; Caelan: performer, amateur magician and comic, visual Arts connoisseur; Seamus: prefers to stay out of the limelight….but really enjoys the satisfaction of a completed show…fiber Artist, loves to create intricate worlds in Minecraft and to sleep; Finnegan: performance Artist who loves to keep the crowd laughing, loves Minecraft and hanging out with Seamus; Penelope: Fiber Artist and is currently dabbling in drawing, painting and loves exploring clay and dough for mediums in her Art projects.

After the idea of opening a shop of some sort was mentioned….we brainstormed and the Gallery and Market idea came to be. We have long dreamt of a space where kids and adults can gather to CREATE…..together ….and collaboratively as well as a space for people to explore Art on many levels and get support from others in the community. We envisioned a Co-Op of sorts for the members of the community to gather at…and share their knowledge and experience and well, just a space to CREATE in…..and this is the culmination of a few weeks (four weeks from the idea forming to the interior of the space to be ready for the community to come in ) of intensely hard work by our family and a few friends who were nuts enough to wander in when we were scrambling for more hands to help!

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