Abigail Robichaud

Empowering Women 


This body of work is dedicated to raising awareness about the many inequalities women have faced and continue to face today. Women are often discriminated against simply for being a women, but also because of race, religion, and body image. These works represent women of all types and in all places of the world, especially those where women are subject to violence and other discrimination every day. Both the literal and representation of women in these pieces discuss the remolding of the modern image of feminism and the image of the women herself from being something fragile and weak to more strong, powerful, and independent.


Abigail Robichaud is a local artist of Woodstock, Connecticut. She has been practicing art since middle school, and took great advantage of Woodstock Academy’s excellent art department. She has recently moved to Boston to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She hopes to continue making art someday as a career and is inspired to better the world through work that represents feminism and poverty.




*******Please join Abigail and other local Artists at the Gallery on October 17th from 4pm to 8pm for a Meet and Greet the Artists. ******

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